Fauci Has No Idea What’s Going On In America, And That’s Just How We Might Beat Him, by Christopher Bedford

Do This in Remembrance of Me, by Michael Pakaluk
March 30, 2021
Fulton Sheen’s Prophecies for America Offer Hope Amid Our Troubled Times, by Joseph Pronechen
March 30, 2021

Outside of our most liberal strongholds and even inside some of them, Americans are sick and tired of unending lockdowns.

By Christopher Bedford, The Federalist, March 30, 2021

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Old Town, Virginia bustled with activity this past, sunny Friday afternoon. Across the river from the nation’s capital, shoppers strolled by shop windows, dogs and baby carriages filled the streets, unmasked restaurant patrons soaked in the people-watching and the beverages, and young women posed for photos in front of handsome, fire-engine red doors. Aside from the majority of strollers wearing masks, the scene greatly resembled a spring day in 2019.

Across the Woodrow Wilson Bridge and just up the B-W Parkway Saturday, Baltimore’s Fells Point teemed with young and old alike. Just about 35 miles north of D.C., lines formed outside, customers filled the bar stools and live music filled the rooms, while maybe half of those enjoying the warm sun and cool breeze even bothered with masks. …

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