Felony Arrest Warrant Issued For Abortionist Who Ran Over a Pro-Life Activist, by Emma Campbell

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Mark Zimmerman Recovering from Abortionist Attack. https://www.givesendgo.com/mark_zimmerman

By Emma Campbell, MRC TV, July 27, 2023

A felony arrest warrant has been issued for a Michigan abortion clinic doctor for allegedly running over a pro-life activist outside of the clinic.

Mark Zimmerman, a pro-life activist, was hit by a car on the morning of June 23 while in the parking lot of the Women’s Center of Saginaw in Flint, Michigan. Zimmerman’s attorney, Robert J. Dunn, said Zimmerman was there hoping to “engage pregnant women on their way to the clinic to see if they’re open to waiting and perhaps seeking assistance and counseling and, basically, not going through with the abortion procedure they have scheduled.”

Dunn alleged that an OBGYN at the clinic pulled into the parking lot, “plowed his car right into (Zimmerman) then backed it up off him.” The assailant allegedly then got out of his car “calmly” and went into the clinic, without acknowledging Zimmerman. Zimmerman was taken to the hospital with a broken left tibia, and Saginaw Township police did not make any initial arrests at the scene. …