FEMA, TSA Warn Holiday Travelers to Be Prepared for Disaster, by Craig Bannister

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September 16, 2023
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September 16, 2023

Basic Emergency Kit

By Craig Bannister, MRCTV, Sept. 14, 2023

Be prepared for disaster during your holiday travels this year, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and Transportation Security Administration (TSA) warn in a new Public Service Announcement (PSA), advising travelers to pack an emergency kit filled with everything they need to survive on their own for “several days.”

On Wednesday, September 12, FEMA and TSA issued a joint press release titled:

“FEMA, TSA Share Public Service Announcement Encouraging Travelers to Make a Plan and be Disaster-Ready”

“Ahead of what is projected to be another busy holiday travel period,” TSA and FEMA “distributed a new public service announcement (PSA) today, asking travelers to make a plan and be prepared before traveling,” the release explains. …