‘Feminist’ and ‘Inclusive’ M&M’s Pulled After Heavy Criticism (With Satire), by Emmy Griffin

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January 25, 2023
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January 25, 2023

By Emmy Griffin, Patriot Post, Jan. 25, 2023

Going woke wasn’t a sweet idea. Consumers were left with a bitter taste in their mouths.

M&M’s, the candy-coated chocolate, has a series of “spokescandies” that have been used to advertise the sweet treat. Over the course of last year, the spokescandies became increasingly woke, or, as Jane Hwang, global vice president of Mars, put it, “modern.”

Mars Wrigley — the company that owns M&M’s — trotted out a plus-sized purple female character for inclusivity. The purple M&M also has nuts, though, so it’s perhaps gender-confused?

Mars also revamped the brown and green M&M to make them less feminine and is even playing with the gender and sexuality of green and orange characters.

Yes, apparently Mars thinks candy has a gender and sexuality. …

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