If we make the most of the coronavirus lockdown, we will take time to assess our whole lives. The crisis could awaken all of us and be the tipping point for a major reversal in the world’s moral and spiritual decadence.

Dwight LongeneckerI was first introduced to the riches of Benedictine spirituality when a kind Catholic woman befriended me in college. June Reynolds was a retired botany professor from Georgetown and an oblate of St Anselm’s Abbey in Washington DC. I met her when I happened to do some Saturday afternoon yard work for her.

June lived a quiet life with her bookish husband in a small cabin in the woods. On the other side of the border wall was the Poor Clare convent where her only daughter Sister Mary Lucy was the mother superior.

After I moved to Oxford to study theology in preparation for ministry in the Church of England, June corresponded and eventually suggested I might like to visit a Benedictine monastery.  ….

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