Fr. G. Emmett Carter: God’s Punishment is Just, Restorative, and Medicinal

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January 30, 2023
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By Fr. G. Emmett Carter, Catholic Exchange, Jan. 30, 2023

This article is excerpted from Fr. Carter’s Psychology and the Cross, recently republished by Sophia Institute Press..
Father G. Emmett Carter (1912–2003) was cardinal archbishop of Toronto and an adviser to St. John Paul II. A participant in the Second Vatican Council, Fr. Carter worked to implement its decisions, especially in the areas of the Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy and the Constitution on Christian Education. … 

The human heart seeks for love. It is an urge so universal, so profound, so all–absorbing that we must trace its origin to the Creator of man. Again we must recall those words so full of significance and consequence, “Let us make
man to our image and likeness.” From all eternity God contemplates Himself and in that timeless intellectual act generates His Idea of Himself, the Word, the Son, the Second Person of the Trinity. And the Father and the Son in their mutual knowledge are locked in the mutual embrace whence proceeds the Spirit, the personalized Love of God.

In creating man to His own image and likeness God makes man a being with powers of intellectual knowledge and spiritual love. In raising man to the supernatural order God places those powers on a new level, gives them a new direction, a new objective, a new participation, namely, the ability now to share in the very knowledge and love that God has of Himself in the eternal processes of the Trinity. …

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