Fr Jeffrey Kirby: How Prayer Helps Us ‘Gain a New Horizon’ and Better Understanding of Easter Mystery

Daily Scripture Reading and Meditation: I Have Seen the Lord!
April 2, 2024
Truly, This Man Was the Son Of God, by Randall Smith
April 2, 2024


Fr Jeffrey Kirby, Crux, (Catholic Herald), April 1, 2024

As we see the Lord Jesus in prayer, there are certain practical pointers we can learn from him, even while there is a mystery at play. In his prayer, the Lord’s divine and human nature are expressed and we can learn from him in both these ways.

As we seek to pray, we have no better teacher than Jesus Christ since he was a perfect human being, as well as the eternal Son of God. And so, we can rely and trust in him since he is authentically human and truly God.

As we look to the life of the Lord, we see that his prayer had different dimensions based on where he was praying. The prayer he offers before Lazarus’ tomb is very different from his High Priestly Prayer in the Upper Room before his passion. …

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