Fr. John Zuhlsdorf: The Holy Crusade of the High Priest

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April 4, 2022
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By Fr. John Zuhlsdorf, OnePeterFive, April 2, 2022

Convert from Lutheranism, ordained to the priesthood in 1991 by St. John Paul II in Rome for the Suburbicarian Diocese of Velletri-Segni. Classics at University of Minnesota. Licence and Doctoral studies in Patristic Theology at the Augustinianum in Rome. …


Fr. John ZuhlsdorfFrom the pre-Lent, “Gesima” Sundays onward, Holy Mother Church began her plunge into liturgical death. At first we lost the “Alleluia,” the Gloria, and on Sundays we dressed in penitential violet to herald the proximity of Lent. With Lent, these privations applied every day, with the exception of our great feasts. Moreover, we became stiller and more somber by the removal of instrumental music and cheering flowers, although last week on Laetare Sunday a hint of Easter was glimpsed from afar through their momentary return and the use of rosacea vestments. It was, as I wrote last time, like the deep breath before the plunge back into the cold waters. The waters of liturgical dying. …