Fulton Sheen on the True Meaning of Easter, by Joseph Pronechen

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Bartolomé Esteban Murillo, “The Resurrection of the Lord,” c. 1655

By Joseph Pronechen, EWTN News,

Joseph Pronechen is staff writer with the National Catholic Register since 2005 and before that a regular correspondent for the paper. His articles have appeared in a number of national publications including Columbia magazine, Soul, Faith and Family, Catholic Digest, Catholic Exchange, and Marian Helper.


‘Unless there is a Good Friday in our lives, there will never be an Easter Sunday.’

In his inimitable style, Archbishop Fulton Sheen shed light on an essential part of Easter’s meaning during his early radio shows and then his television series.

During his The Catholic Hour radio show on April 5, 1942, he focused on “The Resurrection.”

“Friends,” he began, “celebrating Easter in a world that is more like a Good Friday and hearing the chance of peace amidst the explosions of war makes us wonder what lesson this blessed feast could have for these tragic days?”

“The answer is to be found in two distinct scenes in the life of Our Lord,” he went on. “The first scene took place in the Garden of Gethsemane. And there emerges this lesson: Evil has its hour, but God has his day. And that evil hour is inseparable from God’s day.” ….

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