G.K. Chesterton Became Catholic 100 Years Ago, Drawn in by Jerusalem and Our Lady, by K.V. Turley

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Clockwise from Left: G.K Chesterton photographed in the 1920s by Herbert Lambert. Statue of Our Lady donated by the Chesterton's in St. Teresa's Catholic Church in Beaconsfield. Ecce Homo Basilica in Jerusalem. (photo: Public domain/St. Teresa’s Catholic Church)

But why did the writer’s conversion take so long?

By K.V. Turley, EWTN News, March 8, 2022

K.V. Turley K.V. Turley is the Register’s U.K. correspondent. He writes from London.

K.V. TurleyOn July 30, 1922, at the Railway Hotel, in Beaconsfield, England, G.K. Chesterton became a Catholic. In the absence of a local Catholic church, the Railway Hotel’s Irish landlady had allowed the ballroom to be converted into a makeshift chapel. It was there, beneath a corrugated-iron roof and surrounded by bare wooden walls, the 48-year-old writer entered into full communion with the Church.

What were the reasons for Chesterton taking this step?

And, given his thought and writings on Christianity for many years, why had it taken him so long? …

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