Google Rewrote Algorithm to Target Trump and Show Search Results Trashing Him, by Autumn Johnson

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August 17, 2021
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August 17, 2021

By Autumn Johnson, LifeNews, Aug 16, 2021

Washington, DCGoogle whistleblower Zach Vorhis says Google altered its news algorithm to directly target former President Donald Trump.

Vorhis was a senior software engineer at YouTube and Google. He left after discovering the companies censored conservatives.

Vorhis’ new bookGoogle Leaks: A Whistleblower’s Exposé of Big Tech Censorship, took a deep dive into Big Tech’s censorship of right-of-center conservatives:

The madness of Big Tech and their attempt to mold our reality into a version compatible with their globalist view of the world has never been portrayed better than in this chilling account by Google whistleblower, Zach Vorhies. …

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