Grindr Cleric is Self-Laicized, by Phillipe Champlain

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July 26, 2021
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Bp. Callahan, Msgr. Burrill and Fr. Altman

By Phillipe Champlain, Church Militant, July 23, 2021

So why doesn’t his bishop make it official?

As of this morning, it has been a couple of days now, and the bishop of La Crosse, Wisconsin, William P. Callahan, has yet to remove the faculties of the disgraced former general secretary of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB), Msgr. Jeffrey Burrill, whose homosexual escapades on the Grindr app were recently exposed. As Callahan wasted no time removing the good priest Fr. James Altman from his parish (St. James the Less) and stripping him of all his priestly faculties, it stands to reason that Callahan would have promptly removed Burrill’s faculties as well. So why the pause?

Is Callahan waiting for the pictures of the monsignor’s multiple escapades to be hand-delivered? In the eyes of the American Roman Catholic laity, Msgr. Burrill — by his own actions, in and by these sinful behaviors — is already self-laicized. No faithful, churchgoing Roman Catholic cares at this point whether or not Bp. Callahan issues a request to Rome for Burrill’s laicization from the priesthood. In their minds and hearts, this man and his exercise of priestly ministry in the Church is history. Burrill is toast. …

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