Groomers Gonna Groom, by Emmy Griffin

Daily Scripture Reading and Meditation: Whoever Follows Me Will Not Walk in Darkness
April 4, 2022
Shocking Images Show 5 Babies Killed in Late-Term Abortions at D.C. Abortion Clinic
April 4, 2022

By Emmy Griffin, Patriot Post, April 4, 2022

A rainbow mafia activist teacher is arrested for allegedly sending nudes to a student.

In Salem, Oregon, a teacher by the name of Dean Wright was arrested at his place of work and is currently under investigation. According to FreeOregon: “It is reported that he said he ‘mistakenly’ sent the nude pictures to a student that were intended for another person. To that I ask in what world is it okay to have nude selfies on your phone alongside STUDENT cell phone numbers? Is there any explanation that makes this okay?” …

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