Harvard Prof. Doubles Down: Many Homeschool Parents ‘Extreme Ideologues,’ Want to Raise Kids in Christian Faith, by Michael W. Chapman

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May 21, 2020
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Harvard Law Prof. Elizabeth Bartholet being interviewed on RT, Russia Today. (Screenshot, YouTube)

By Michael W. Chapman, CNSNews, May 20, 2020

Harvard Law Prof. Elizabeth Bartholet, who caused a stir in April by calling for a near-total ban on homeschooling, doubled down in a recent interview, complaining that “many homeschooling parents are extreme ideologues, committed to raising their children” in evangelical Christian “belief systems.”

This apparently is very dangerous, according to Bartholet, “because  society may not have the chance to teach them values important to the larger community, such as tolerance of other people’s views and values.”

In a May 15 interview in The Harvard Gazette, reporter Liz Mineo asked Bartholet about how the homeschooling movement developed so rapidly in the United States.  …

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