Hitler’s Propaganda Efforts Were Met With Strong Resistance From Vatican Radio, by John Burger

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By John Burger, Aleteia, Feb. 18, 2020

Nazi jamming was sometimes so bad that Vatican Radio had to change frequencies.

“Fake news” is a concept that has circulated in American politics for the past several years, but the use of propaganda is as old as the history of international relations, perhaps. It was certainly a tool used by the National Socialists of Germany as Hitler took over parts of Europe between 1939 and 1945. Now, 75 years after the end of World War II, a scholar is detailing the ways the Nazis’ “fake news” was countered — agressively, he says — by another news outlet on the European Continent: Vatican Radio.

“The reach of Vatican Radio … was huge,” said Nathan Morley, author of Radio Hitler: Nazi Airwaves in the Second World War, which is due out in August. “It beamed daily newscasts, which followed the war with painful attention, alongside a ‘discourse’ discussion program in English beamed to India, North America, Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. In early 1940, an account on Vatican Radio about the ‘horror and inexcusable excesses’ inflicted on Poles under Nazi rule obviously irked Goebbels and other leading Nazis.”

“The following year, Vatican Radio was critical of the measures taken by the Nazi authorities aiming to suppress Catholicism in Alsace Lorraine and other parts of Occupied France,” Morley continued, in an interview with Crux. “Unsurprisingly, the station came under electronic attack by jamming. … [When] the jamming was so bad, Vatican Radio had to change frequency.”  …

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