How Biden Is Using 500,000 COVID Deaths, by Nate Jackson

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February 24, 2021
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February 24, 2021

By Nate Jackson, Patriot Post, Feb. 23, 2021

Democrats are pushing a “relief” bill that’s long on politics and short on relief.

America marked a sad milestone yesterday: 500,000 COVID deaths. The surge that began in the fall brought more than half of the deaths since the coronavirus pandemic began — 100,000 in the last five weeks alone. The victims have been our loved ones and our neighbors, and all of us will remember the impact for the rest of our lives.

In a press conference and ceremony yesterday to mark the milestone, President Joe Biden aimed for somber reflection on the pain Americans have endured in losing loved ones, even speaking of his own tragic family losses of his wife and daughter (which he has disgracefully lied about) and then later his son (whom he disgracefully used in another lie). He once again spoke of the need to “fight this together” as the “United States of America.” …

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