How Long Will the Vandals Run Amok? by Patrick J. Buchanan

Pro-LGBT Clerics Push ‘Outreach 2020’, by Paul Murano
June 24, 2020
Trump Warned Empty Seats About Riot-Filled Streets, by Chad Groening, Billy Davis
June 24, 2020

Image Source: Quidster4040 at English Wikipedia / CC BY

By Patrick J. Buchanan, June 23, 2020

We erect statues to remember, revere and honor those whom we memorialize. And what is the motivation of the people who tear them down and desecrate them? In a word, it is hate… But hating history and denying history and tearing down the statues of the men who made that history does not change history.

The left’s war on America’s past crossed several new frontiers last week.

Portland’s statue of George Washington, the Father of his Country and the first president of the United States, the greatest man of his age, was toppled and desecrated.

While the statue stood, an American flag was draped over its head and set ablaze. After it was pulled down, a new fire was set on another American flag spread across the statue, and also burned. The vacated pedestal was painted with the words, “You’re on Native Land.”  …

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