How They Stole the 2020 Election: Let My People Go Explains the Steal in Bite-Sized, Digestible Pieces: Part 4 of 30

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June 28, 2024
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June 28, 2024

Official "Let My People Go" The Documentary. Screenshot

By The Stream, June 27, 2024

Election integrity activist and advocate for peaceful January 6 protestors David Clements made the potent film Let My People Go in late 2023. It was soon one of the most-censored movies in American history. After a campaign of deplatforming and debanking targeted Clements and his sponsor Mike Lindell, they decided to make the movie available for free, hoping it would become “the most-pirated movie in history.” (Read John Zmirak’s review of that powerful film posted a few weeks ago.)

Now, to help awaken Americans to the threat that the 2024 election will likewise be highjacked via software, Clements has broken the film up into short, coherent pieces to introduce new people to the troubling facts. With his permission, The Stream is featuring each of those mini-films as a series.

This is Part 4 of 30.


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