How to Destroy a State With the Help of the Church, by Greg Cook

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August 28, 2023
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August 28, 2023

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By Greg Cook, Crisis Magazine, Aug. 28, 2023

Greg Cook is a writer living with his wife in New York’s North Country. He earned two master’s degrees, including one in public administration from The Evergreen State College. He is the author of two poetry collections: Against the Alchemists, and A Verse Companion to Romano Guardini’s ‘Sacred Signs’


As liberal lawmakers destroyed the state of New York, Catholic Church leaders stood by and assisted in its demise.

Greg CookNew York has attained a deserved status as a failing and broken state. Residents are fleeing the Empire State for sunnier climes like Florida, and the state’s dominant center, the formerly world-class New York City, faces problems of crime and immigration. Recent headlines showcase the state’s sad plight. LifeSiteNews reported on New York’s enshrinement of wokeness (DEI, LGBTQ+, etc.) in schools, making dissent a potentially punishable offense. And the New York Post recently reported:

Nearly 160 Wall Street firms have moved their headquarters out of New York since the end of 2019, taking nearly $1 trillion—yes, that’s trillion with a ‘T’—in assets under management with them, according to data from 17,000 companies compiled by Bloomberg. ….

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