How to Respond to Evil People in Power, by Paul Brock III

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May 23, 2023
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May 23, 2023

By Paul Brock III, Church Militant, May 4, 2023

Evil commands should be met with pure contempt and disobedience

In an ideal society, anyone who identifies as LGBT would be banned from high positions of power. But this is far from the case in the third millennium. Just about 50 years ago, homosexuals and transsexuals were deemed mentally ill and in need of help. But today, they’re a protected class who, according to the modern world, ought to be the leaders of society. As LGBT propagandists continue to gain a footing in the political world, men of goodwill need to stop assenting to the power they claim to have.

Last year, Texas Republicans collectively identified homosexuality as an “abnormal lifestyle choice” and also declared war on “all efforts to validate transgender identity.” If those Republicans take their convictions to the next logical conclusion, they’d be saying what all men of goodwill are thinking: A well-ordered and just society does not have LGBT politicians and leaders. …

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