: Hudson ByblowDoes a Rainbow Flag Belong in a Catholic Church?

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September 28, 2018
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By Hudson Byblow, Crisis Magazine, September 28, 2018

Recently, parishioners burned a Rainbow Flag in Chicago. They felt justified to take matters into their own hands because they recognized that the ideology represented by the that flag challenges the truths upheld by the Church. And they did something about it.

And now one priest is paying the price.

The Rainbow Flag in the Church?
Does a rainbow pride flag belong in a Church? I think the only way we can really answer that is if we know a little more about what the flag means, but also a little more about what the Church has to offer. I personally think that if people knew more about what the Church teaches, they might not be so eager to introduce that type of symbolism. Are people (including Catholics) really open to growing in their understanding of the Church?…Read entire article…crisismagazine.com/2018/does-a-rainbow-flag-belong-in-a-catholic-church