If You Believe ‘My Body, My Choice,’ You Should Be Against Abortion AND Forced Vaccines, by Claire Chretien

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December 7, 2021
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By Claire Chretien, LifeSiteNews Dec 6, 2021

Celeste McGovern contributed to this piece.

As a journalist and editor for LifeSiteNews, Claire Chretien has written more than 1,500 articles about abortion, human dignity, bioethics, the Catholic Church, politics, and related topics. Claire holds a bachelor’s degree from The University of Alabama. It was there that she first became involved in pro-life activism.

Featured Image(LifeSiteNews) — Anyone who believes in the right to bodily autonomy — anyone who believes the slogan “my body, my choice” — ought to be against abortion and against forcible vaccination.

The simple reason that “my body, my choice” does not work as an argument for abortion is because the unborn child being aborted is not part of his mother’s body. A child in the womb is a whole, distinct, living human being, with his own DNA, heartbeat, organs, and unique blood type. Your right to “reproductive freedom” does not include a right to violently dismember and destroy the body of your offspring.

The tiny child in the womb has a right to bodily autonomy, to not have his body violated and his arms and legs twisted off and his skull crushed.

His mother’s right to bodily autonomy ends when another person’s life is at stake. …

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