If You Think American Democrats Rejected Socialism, Think Again, by Scott Morefield

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By Scott Morefield, Townhall, Mar 09, 2020

Scott MorefieldOn the brink of what could have been an absolute disaster, American Democrats thoroughly rejected socialism on South Carolina Saturday and Super Tuesday by overwhelmingly choosing former Vice President Joe Biden over Independent Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders. That was the general media talking point over the next several days after Biden ‘saved the Democratic party,’ and James Carville’s heart, with a dramatic come-from-behind win that almost nobody saw coming.

Like the ending of every dumb Marvel movie, however, Biden’s seemingly improbable win wouldn’t have happened without the help of a key cast of characters. Fearing socialism, or perhaps a back-alley baseball bat in the kneecaps, former presidential hopefuls started dropping like flies as soon as the former vice president managed to win a state he had been predicted to win even before slinking off from New Hampshire with his proverbial tail between his legs. As the dominoes began to fall after South Carolina, first with Tom Steyer, then Pete Buttigieg, then Amy Klobuchar all dropping out – and the latter two heartily endorsing Biden – it was obvious that the fix was in. Add in Elizabeth Warren’s stubborn refusal to exit the race, even though she clearly had no path to victory and her endorsement might have helped Sanders at least maintain his electoral lead, and it’s even more obvious that, well, the fix was in.  …

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