IN-DEPTH: Abortion, Transgender Services, Communion, and the ‘Transition’ of Catholic Church Leadership, by Patricia Tolson

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By Patricia Tolson, The Epoch Times, 8/21/2023

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Patricia Tolson

Michael Hichborn, president of the Lepanto Institute (courtesy of the Lepanto Institute).

From partnering with an organization that provides transgender surgeries and abortion services, to revising its policy on who can receive Communion, leaders in the faith community are concerned about prominent forces within the Catholic Church that appear to be compromising and even partnering with those who espouse a radically pro-abortion, pro-transgender ideology.

According to Michael Hichborn president of the Lepanto Institute, “there is an attempt to transition” the Church.

As explained on its website, “The Lepanto Institute for the Restoration of All Things in Christ is a research and education organization dedicated to the defense of the Catholic Church against assaults from without as well as from within.”


The most astonishing shift in the Catholic Church may have to do with abortion. Although the Church’s official stance on abortion has never changed, critics point to a new willingness by individuals high in the Church to compromise with organizations and individuals who publicly espouse or promote abortion. …