Is Impeachment Backfiring on Democrats? by Patrick J. Buchanan

Daily Reading & Meditation: Friday (December 20)
December 20, 2019
Pro-Life Democrat Votes Against Impeaching President Trump: “‘History Will Show This to Be a Mistake”, by Steven Ertelt
December 20, 2019

By Patrick J. Buchanan, CNSNews, December 20, 2019

“We’re gonna impeach the (expletive deleted).”

Thus did the member from Michigan, Rashida Tlaib, declare last January to be the goal of the 2019 House Democratic Caucus.

Wednesday night, Speaker Nancy Pelosi delivered the goods.

The House impeached President Donald Trump on a straight party-line vote. Not one Republican signed on to the most partisan impeachment in U.S. history.

Yet, as we head for trial in the Senate, Democrats seem to be having nervous second thoughts over what they have done.

Minority Leader Chuck Schumer called for the Senate to subpoena four new witnesses the House never heard. Nancy Pelosi signaled Wednesday night that she might not send over to the Senate the articles of impeachment the House had just approved.

Majority Leader Mitch McConnell took to the floor both Wednesday night and Thursday morning. To have the Senate, which is judge and jury of the impeachment charges, start calling witnesses whom House prosecutors failed to pursue “could set a nightmarish precedent.”  ….

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