Is Missing Mass on Holy Days Sinful? This Priest Explains the Hard Truth – Dec. 2018

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By Fr. Bill Peckman, ChurchPop, Dec 31, 2018

People who willfully exempt oneself from Mass on a Holy Day carry the consequence of being in mortal sin. It is the same exact consequence for those who willfully exempt themselves from going to any Sunday Mass.

That’s right: to willfully exempt yourself from Sunday Mass is mortally sinful. Period.

I am not talking about those shut in by infirmity, hospitalization, illness, caring for an ill person, incarceration, or similar maladies.

Just because I have so busied my life with building earthly kingdoms through work and sports, or find pleasure more to my taste does not exempt me from Mass. God isn’t something else I fit into the schedule: He is the first priority.

I didn’t invent the concept of mortal sin. Really…I didn’t.

Just because mortal sin is rarely spoken of in most parishes (and hence the dearth of confession times) doesn’t mean the Church quit teaching it. Check your catechism sometime. ….