Joy Break: Miracle Girl Born at 25 Weeks is Now Starting Preschool, by Nancy Flory

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By Nancy Flory, The Stream, September 9, 2019

When we turn on our television or smart phones we are bombarded with news that brings us down. Where are all the good stories? They’re still there. Here’s one that we hope will bless you.

Nancy FloryAdele Callinan, 30, has multiple chronic illnesses. She has been so sick that her doctors told her she would never conceive. That’s why she, along with her doctors, were shocked to find that the “tumor” they diagnosed Adele with was actually a baby. 

According to the BBC, Adele was “gobsmacked” that she was pregnant. Doctors told her that she and the baby were not likely to survive. Adele chose life for her baby, whatever that would mean for her. 

The pregnancy proved difficult. “I was literally dying before everyone’s eyes,” Adele told the BBC. “I just knew ‘I’ve got to get her to 24 weeks.’” She got her to 25 weeks.

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On August 13, 2015, little Annabelle was born by elective Caesarean section with 40 medics on hand. She weighed just 1 lb 8 oz. Doctors thought she wouldn’t survive.

Adele wasn’t able to see her baby for two days. “She was the width of two fingers and was see-though,” Adele explained. “I didn’t expect to actually walk out with my baby.” While in the hospital, Annabelle received blood transfusions. She also had a hole in her heart repaired. Despite the supposedly insurmountable odds, Adele did walk out of the hospital with Annabelle in November, 2015. A ‘miracle’ they say.  ….