Liberal Lies And The Truth Of Christ, by George Angelich

Daily Scripture Reading and Meditation: Who Gave You This Authority?
June 3, 2023
Across the Board, Americans Reject Transgender Ideology, Especially When It Threatens Minors, by Craig Bannister
June 3, 2023

By George Angelich, The Wanderer, June 2, 2023

+ + George Angelich is a married permanent deacon living in Atlanta, Ga., with four children, who completed his diaconal formation at the Trappist monastery in Conyers, Ga. …


Persons live in a community to achieve their natural personal good and the common good founded on God, the transcendence first cause and final end of truth and goodness. The modern liberal progressive ideology and agenda assume that the citizenry is not intellectually capable of recognizing the truth of God as the source of the good of the person and the ultimate practical end of the common good of all.

On retreat at the Trappist monastery in Conyers, Ga., Our Lady of the Holy Ghost Monastery, as a young teenager, I had a chance to work with the monks briefly because they were involved in the building project of their new monastery. After working in the field picking vegetables with Fr. Kenneth, OCSO, and Fr. Bernard, OCSO, under the hot Georgia summer sun with temperatures in the high nineties in the shade, Fr. Kenneth and Fr. Bernard let me drive the dilapidated stick shift truck they were using back to the monastery. …

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