LIFENEWS: Planned Parenthood is Trying to Infiltrate Your Child’s School

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WASHINGTON, DC – Planned Parenthood has lost its battle to weasel into Pennsylvania’s Reading High School. On Wednesday, August 23, Planned Parenthood-Keystone and an affiliate, Access Matters, lost a school board vote to set up a ‘counseling office’ inside Reading High School.

The behemoth business is responsible for over half of the abortions committed in the state of Pennsylvania, and they were attempting to gain access to young teenagers by setting up a state-funded facility inside of the public school. The Reading School Board was inundated with calls, emails, and in-person testimony from citizens who recognized the danger of inviting Planned Parenthood into the lives of children before ultimately voting “No” on the measure.

Make no mistake: It’s not altruism that compels Planned Parenthood to gain access to children. In fact, altruism toward children is patently impossible for a business that profits from the destruction of children. At Planned Parenthood, every decision considers one factor and that is Planned Parenthood’s bottom line. High schoolers represent potential clientele.

In schools, Planned Parenthood receives tax dollars to preach a gospel of unrestricted sexual experimentation, opening teens up to STDs, pregnancy, and emotional distress. Incidentally, this is a trifecta of issues that send teens to Planned Parenthood facilities for STD screenings, abortions, and more bad sex ed and counseling.

Those in-clinic “services” aren’t free, either. In Reading, abortion costs start at $450 and go up. To recap this dollar trail: Planned Parenthood gets paid to promote a devastating sexual agenda to teens, which includes referring teens to Planned Parenthood, and then gets paid again when teens face the consequences of the risk-taking behaviors Planned Parenthood encouraged and walk through their facility’s doors seeking solutions to the problem Planned Parenthood created.

SIGN THE PETITION! Congress Must De-Fund Planned Parenthood Immediately

But, if so many people in Reading hadn’t spoken up and shared the truth regarding their business model, Planned Parenthood’s pretty pink facade and multi-million-dollar marketing budget could have kept the Reading school board, parents, and students in the dark about the abortion conglomerate’s insidious agenda. At the end of the day, Planned Parenthood’s biggest threat is a public that is immune to its deceptive marketing tactics. Public awareness about Planned Parenthood’s profit-driven exploitation of children will continue to thwart the abortion giant’s attempts to snake its way into our schools and communities.

We don’t need Planned Parenthood.