LifeNews: Students Organize Pro-Life Walkout to Draw Attention to Babies Killed By Abortion Violence

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March 23, 2018
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By Steven Ertelt, LifeNews, March 22, 2018

WASHINGTON, DC – High school students across the country have organized walk outs to draw attention to horrible shootings that have taken place at schools nationwide. Now, pro-life students in Sacramento California are organizing a walk out to draw attention to another horrific form of violence, abortions that kill unborn babies.

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This week, Rocklin High School students are using social media to organize a pro-life walkout using the hashtag #life.

“To honor all the lives of aborted babies pretty much. All the millions of aborted babies every year,” said organizer Brandon Gillespie.

He says his history teacher inspired the idea.

The pro-life students are worried they’re facing a double standard that could imperil their free speech.

Brandon says protesting on school grounds is just the point.

“I would like to see if there really is a double standard and what will come of that,” he said.

He doesn’t have a date for the protest, but he does with the principal. Their meeting is set for this Friday.

Responding to the news, Students for Life of America President Kristan Hawkins told LifeNews she appreciates the students drawing attention to the violence of abortion.“Brandon Gillespie is a terrific example of the passion this pro-life generation has, and his courageous effort to draw attention to the reality that more lives have been lost in our generation to abortion than all other causes should be national news. It’s estimated that more than 650,000 preborn infants die in abortions annually, a loss that grieves many Americans,” she said.Hawking continued: “Having opened to door to student-lead walkouts as a way to express a political or cultural viewpoint, schools cannot shut that door to pro-life students who also are moved by the loss of life and horrific realities of the toll of abortion. Pro-life students deserve the same respect and accommodation that anti-gun student activists experienced. There is a reason this is the pro-life generation, more pro-life than their parents even; it is because they have witnessed just how harmful abortion is to women and their preborn infants. They are the survivors who know abortion is not the simple fix, but a life-changing, life-ending event.”

Hawkins took issue with one pro-abortion student who said abortion is not relevant to high school students, even though teens are getting abortions on a daily basis..She said: “In the initial media reports about this student-lead effort, one student is quoted as saying ‘Abortions aren’t really anything that has to do with school or students here.’ Sadly that is not the case. Educating students about how abortion and those who sell it have infiltrated the culture and covered up just how dangerous abortion can be is reason enough to welcome Brandon’s effort to talk about something which does impact us all.”LifeNews Note: File photo.