Matt Vespa: This Company Just Took Gillette’s Nonsense Toxic Masculinity Ad Campaign To The Woodshed–“What is a Man”?

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January 22, 2019
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By Matt Vespa, TownHall, Jan 22, 2019

Matt VespaIf there is one thing about the Left, they will make you care. There is no neutral side. No one can opt to be Switzerland. They will make you care. They will invade, infest, and force you to make a choice. Better make the right one; they will destroy you if you don’t. The aura of tolerance and suffocating arrogance that they’re superior partially because they’re an open-minded people is the honey trap. They suck you in and you cannot get out. It’s the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. You think your safe and then a meat pounder smashes you in the head.

In the latest assault from the Left in their political correctness crusade, they targeted men’s shaving. Yes, shaving cream was used to tell us that we are toxic, we’re a problem, and we can stop other bad dudes from being boors or something. Well, for one, that already happens. And two, this all happens after we use your razors? How about just saying that using Gillette can make us the best men can be? Alas, no—we once again have to be told we’re rapists in waiting.

Well, the Egard Watch Company decided to take on this PC trash, producing an ad of their own, saying they already see the good in men while torching the myth of male privilege and toxic masculinity. Prior to the declaration that they see the good in men, they note that men account for the vast majority of suicides (80 percent), those who are single and homeless (75 percent), homicide victims (79 percent), and workplace fatalities (93 percent). Almost half of fathers with no visitation rights still support their children. It’s a polite way to say shove it to Gillette and any organization or group that thinks toxic masculinity is a problem much less an actual thing. Will there be pushback against the trash Gillette doled out? It depends. I hope so. It could get the company to come back to reality. I already knew I was paying way too much for your razors. You don’t need to say I’m a rapist in waiting in the process you sick mothers.