Memories of Memorial Day, by Michael Reagan

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If we want our kids to learn to love America and honor those who died to make and keep it great, we’ve got to instill those values in them ourselves.

By Michael Reagan, Patriot Post, May 26, 2023

What are you doing to celebrate Memorial Day?

How will you honor the soldiers, sailors and airmen who made the ultimate sacrifice to keep America safe, free and great for more than 240 years?

My son Cameron, as usual, will take his daughters to a military cemetery and remind them who those fallen soldiers were and why America was worth fighting and dying for.

Cameron’s kids — my grandkids — will be taught what I taught him and my daughter Ashley and what my father drilled into me.

I remember how I first learned about the greatness of America and its military.

Riding out to the Reagan ranch, sitting in the front seat of my father’s car, he would regale me with stories about great Americans and sing all the songs of the U.S. military — the Army, Navy, Marines, even the Coast Guard.

I was lucky. …

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