Mission Accomplished: The Rainbow Seamless Garment Is Suffocating the Church, as Intended, by John Zmirak

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May 17, 2024
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By John Zmirak, The Stream, May 16, 2024

Over at The Christian Post, you’ll find a story that at first might depress you. On second thought, it ought to cheer you up. And then on deeper reflection, it should sober you profoundly, and remind you of the life-or-death, heaven-or-hell war in the trenches that all Christians are engaged in.

From that story:

Less than 1% of American Catholics agree with all three of the Catholic Church’s teachings on the sanctity of life issues, showing the widespread existence of what some call “cafeteria Catholics” in the United States, according to an analysis.

Researcher Ryan Burge, an associate professor of political science at Eastern Illinois University who publishes articles on a Substack called “Graphs About Religion,” shared data Thursday about the beliefs of Catholics in the U.S., focusing on their views on abortion, capital punishment and euthanasia. …

When investigating the phenomenon of “cafeteria Catholics,” Burge discovered that “it’s not just many Catholics who disagree with the teachings of the church.”

“[I]n fact, if you look at the data, it’s nearly all of them,” he wrote.

Using data from the General Social Survey dating back to 1988, he measured the percentage of U.S. Catholics who said they did not support abortion for any reason and also opposed the death penalty and euthanasia at 0.9% in 2022.

Reading that story, my first reaction is not, “This is horrible. We need to get that percentage up to 100%.” Instead it’s, “This is great. We need to drive that fraction down to 0%.”

Since I’m a lifelong, fervent Catholic, that might surprise you. But it shouldn’t –because the Vatican under Pope Francis has abandoned orthodox doctrines on a growing list of issues, and renounced both biblical teachings and Natural Law principles in favor of a toxic Utopian ideology, labeled by its creators the “Seamless Garment.”

That Garment pretends to be a “consistent life ethic” responding to all threats against human dignity. But in fact it is a cobbled-together, incoherent, logically self-contradictory mishmash of traditional Christian teachings and post-modern leftist posturing. It’s literally gibberish, to which no intelligent person can honestly assent.

And not a single such person honestly does. Not one. In the world.

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