Moynihan Letter #42, Viganò “Reflection on the True Meaning of Lent for Ash Wednesday” (March 2, 2022)

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True sacrifice is that with which we unite ourselves with gratitude to the Sacrifice of Our Lord, giving a spiritual sense and a supernatural end to the pain that we nevertheless deserve.” —Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, 81, in a reflection for Ash Wednesday, the beginning of Lent. Below, the complete text

    Down the centuries humanity converted to Christ knew how to recognize in the mournful events of history – in earthquakes, famines, pestilences and wars – the punishment of God; and always the people struck by these scourges knew how to do penance and implore Divine Mercy.” —Archbishop Viganò, from the same Ash Wednesday reflection

    There is a way to combat this deception, into which humanity has fallen for more than three centuries, that is, since it has had the pride and presumption to deify man and usurp the Royal Crown from Jesus Christ. And this way, infallible because it is divine, is the return to penance, sacrifice, and fasting.” —Archbishop Viganò, from the same Ash Wednesday reflection

    Letter #42, 2022, Wednesday, March 2: Viganò on Lent

    Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, 81, has released a reflection on the true meaning of Lent. ….

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