Msgr. Charles Pope: From the Peripheries of ‘Traditionis Custodes,’ a Plea to the Bishops

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January 7, 2022
VACCINES: Bishop Athanasius Schneider Presents the Catholic Position, by Michael J. Matt
January 7, 2022

We must pray that bishops make careful, courageous and pastoral decisions on the implementation of the motu proprio


Msgr. Charles PopeAs most of you know, just before Christmas, an explanatory document (“responsa ad dubia”) was issued seeking to answer some of the many questions arising from Traditionis Custodes, a motu proprio of Pope Francis on the Traditional Latin Mass.

Many good authors have already commented on it, raising both canonical and liturgical concerns and questions. My own thoughts on this are from the perspective of a diocesan pastor who has served those who love the Traditional Latin Mass (TLM), and who has also served those who appreciate the current order of Mass. I like both forms for different reasons. …