Multiple States Had Record Breaking Numbers of Early In-Person Voters. Here’s Why That’s Important. by Beth Baumann

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Smith County, Texas

By Beth Baumann, Townhall, Oct 13, 2020

Beth BaumannMultiple states across the country, including Ohio, Georgia, and Texas, had a record number of voters show up for early in-person voting on Tuesday. Americans had to wait hours in line despite the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic and states deciding to expand mail-in voting. ….

Mainstream media outlets, like CNN, MSNBC and NBC News, continually push the notion that Americans are voting early because they’re energized this election cycle.

“I have voted before, always in person and I’ve never waited this long which I’m hoping is actually a good sign for this year’s election turnout. I’m feeling really optimistic at how seriously people are going to take this election,” 31-year-old Kathleen Campbell told NBC. “Everyone is patiently waiting to get to the polls inside and I don’t think I’ve seen one person without a mask on.”  …

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