No, It Is Not Cognitive Dissonance to Proclaim That God Is Good When Things Go Bad, by Michael Brown

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September 14, 2021
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September 14, 2021

By Michael Brown, The Stream, Sept. 13, 2021

Dr. Michael Brown ( is the host of the nationally syndicated Line of Fire radio program. ..


Michael BrownThere are some people who live in denial, and no amount of facts can convince them otherwise. To the contrary, the more facts you show them, the more they deny reality. “You see,” they respond with confidence, “this actually proves the point I’m making.”

That is cognitive dissonance, and it is something that any of us can fall prey to.

But, without doubt or question, it is not cognitive dissonance to proclaim that God is good, even when everything around you seems to suggest the opposite. That’s because He is good and He is God, and to proclaim His goodness is to affirm truth — the highest truth, the most enduring truth, the unchangeable truth, the infinite truth.

Yes, as surely as God is (and He is!), God is good. You can stake your eternal life on that proposition. …

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