NYC: 20K Illegal Migrant Children Estimated to Enter Public Schools…with No Proof of ANY Vaccinations

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By Nick Kangadis, MRC TV, Sept. 5, 2023

If you’re a New Yorker, one question you have to begin to think to ask yourself is, ‘Why does the New York City treat illegal immigrants better than people who are legally allowed to be here?’ Of course, the typical New Yorker who stayed in that city won’t ask themselves that, because they fall in lockstep with the hive mind mentality of that area. But, you’d think common sense would eventually take over and make one ask themself the aforementioned question.

Breitbart reported that around 20,000 illegal migrant children will be attending New York City public schools this year, but they don’t have to have any proof of vaccination for COVID-19.

For context, the kids of actual New Yorkers do have to have that same proof of vaccination.

If you ask city officials, they explain that they can take care of 20,000 illegal migrants children and their families, because “120,000 families left the New York City” public school system in the last few years since the COVID pandemic began.  …