Ohio Faces a Time for Choosing on Abortion, by Virginia Allen

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August 10, 2023
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By Virginia Allen, Daily Signal, August 10, 2023

Virginia Allen is a senior news producer and podcast host for The Daily Signal. She is the co-host of “The Daily Signal Podcast” and “Problematic Women.” Send an email to Virginia.


Portrait of Virginia AllenI recently spent a weekend with dear friends and their newborn baby boy. At only 2 weeks old, their son can’t do much, except eat, sleep, and move his arms and legs around.

As a new mom, my friend said she has watched her son make movements that she recognizes are the same movements she felt him make a month earlier inside her womb. His physical location has changed over the past month, but little else has. He is still just as dependent on his mother as he was while inside the womb, and he appears to be entertaining himself with the same arm swings and leg kicks as before.

My friend’s comments are a sweet reminder of the humanity of babies in the womb as the fight to guarantee the unborn’s right to life continues. Right now, that fight for life hangs in the balance in Ohio, where in November voters across the state will decide whether the unborn’s right to life is worthy of protection. …

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