Opinion: Are There Degrees of Communion? by Aaron Debusschere 

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March 31, 2023
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April 1, 2023

A theology of “partial” or “imperfect” communion actually dates back long before Vatican II.

By Aaron Debusschere, Crisis Magazine, March 31, 2023

Aaron Debusschere is a husband and father currently living in Quebec, Canada. He holds degrees in philosophy, education, and theology, and is currently a student of ecclesiology. …

Aaron Debusschere

In a recent piece here at Crisis Magazine, Kennedy Hall gave voice to a rather common complaint among traditionally-minded Catholics—namely, that Vatican II and sixties’ theology blurred the borders of the Church by introducing the notion of degrees of communion.

Hall’s claim is that an understanding of communion susceptible to degrees is absurd and logically leads to further absurdity. He seeks to show this absurdity by suggesting that communion must be akin to pregnancy (either you are or you aren’t), to gender theory that allows for a spectrum, or to critical race theory that requires an unconscious bias. Evidently, he thinks it must be akin to pregnancy, since that alone does not allow for degrees (and alone conforms to Catholic faith). …

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