Opinion: In His “Harvey Weinstein Moment,” Cardinal Cupich Helps Out Pro-Abort Sen. Dick Durbin

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March 3, 2018
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John ZmirakOne of the most wickedly entertaining aspects of the Harvey Weinstein scandal? Unearthing old photos of tub-thumping #MeToo feminists mugging with Weinstein. Explaining why brave Catholic Bishop Thomas Paprocki had to ban pro-abort Catholic Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) from Holy Communion, I mentioned such photos. I said that bishops must

step in when really, really public sinners keep on marching up to the altar, expecting Communion like a participation trophy. That causes scandal, a theological term which describe the way movie stars now cringe when you turn up pictures of them kissing Harvey Weinstein. The actors who kissed (and covered up for) Harvey Weinstein, and haven’t repented, can’t march in the #MeToo parade. And senators who vote to kill babies shouldn’t come to Holy Communion.

But there’s just one thing worse than having your feminist credentials queered by the old love-bombs you dropped on Harvey Weinstein. That’s if after Weinstein’s thuggish sexual abuse of actresses was exposed, you then came out and stuck up for him. That’s what conspiracy addled radical leftist director Oliver Stone went and did. His statement made people wonder whether he had some secret sympathy for sexual abusers. And sure enough, actresses came out to accuse Stone himself of predatory behavior.

Does Cardinal Blaise Cupich of Chicago favor continued abortion on demand in America? Sure acts like it.

Cardinal Cupich Helps Pro-Abort Sen. Dick Durbin Change the Subject

And Stone-solid support is what Pope Francis’ handpicked Archbishop of Chicago, Cardinal Blaise Cupich, just offered Senator Dick Durbin. Not even a week had passed since Durbin’s own bishop, Thomas Paprocki, forbade him Holy Communion for the “grave sin” of supporting abortion. Presumably that could hurt him with some Catholic voters. So what did the higher-ranking Cardinal do?

As LifeSiteNews reports:

Chicago’s Cardinal Blase Cupich has released a video of himself calling pro-abortion Sen. Dick Durbin, D-IL, as part of an immigration lobbying effort on the part of the U.S. bishops.

“Senator Durbin, how are ya?” Cupich asks in the video. “Listen, I’m joining with dozens – really, hundreds of thousands and even millions of people around the country urging our legislators in Washington to take action to protect the DACA students.”

Perhaps once the camera was turned off, the cardinal spoke to the senator about his votes for baby butchering. Or perhaps they have spoken in person about it. After all, the cardinal sounded quite chummy on the phone – the two are closely aligned in their views about immigration.

But one wonders why Cupich chose to publicize this particular lobbying phone call, during which no one can hear him saying anything about abortion, Holy Communion, or Catholic doctrine.

The cardinal made this call as part of the U.S. bishops’ “National Call-in Day for the Protection of Dreamers.”

Another question worth asking: When was the last time the U.S. bishops hosted a “national call-in day” for the federal Heartbeat Bill? Or the pro-life bill against which Durbin voted? Or to demand Congress defund Planned Parenthood?

Smacking Down Bishop PaprockiGo watch the video, if your stomach is strong. Now imagine Meryl Streep, a day or two after the Weinstein scandal broke, calling Weinstein in rehab to chat with him about fighting the NRA. Then releasing a video tape of their chummy conversation.

What would you take from that? That she was supporting Weinstein, and helping him deflect from the accusations against him. That she was rebuking his accusers.

Just so, Cupich was rebuking Bishop Paprocki. And helping the pro-choice Durbin with Catholic voters.

Remember that this same cardinal helped Planned Parenthood itself deflect in the wake of the videos exposing its sale of baby parts. He actually placed an Op-Ed in the Chicago Tribune minimizing Planned Parenthood’s crimes, by equating them with … Medicaid shortfalls, deportations of illegal aliens, alleged instances of racism, deaths by violent crime, and the execution of murderers. Think I’m kidding? Read the Cardinal’s maunderings for yourself. (Keep in mind that as Bishop of Spokane, Cupich apparently pressured priests not to take part in pro-life demonstrations.)

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What would you think if Meryl Streep had done something like that for another sexual abuser? (In fact, she kind of did — joining a 30-second standing ovation for rapist Roman Polanski.) You might suspect her good faith on the sex abuse issue. You might wonder which side she was really on. Imagine if after Bishop Joseph Rummel of New Orleans had excommunicated white segregationists, Cardinal Spellman of New York City had invited them on a radio show — to highlight their anti-Communism. Wouldn’t you wonder about Spellman’s stance on racism?

Imagine Meryl Streep, a day or two after the Weinstein scandal broke, calling Weinstein in rehab to chat with him about fighting the NRA? Then releasing a video tape of their chummy conversation. What would you take from that? That she was supporting Weinstein.

What Does Cardinal Cupich Really Think About Abortion?I have a hard time believing that Cardinal Blaise Cupich of Chicago truly opposes abortion on demand in America. No one who really saw abortion as the killing of innocents would trivialize it at every opportunity. Nor give its advocates aid and comfort at every turn.

If the Cardinal wishes to prove me wrong, to demonstrate that he, unlike Dick Durbin, is in fact pro-life, I invite him to try acting like it. Treat abortion as what it is: the mass killing of children.


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