Fr. Paul John Kalchik: Our Lady of La Salette a Warning About an Imminent Chastisement

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September 7, 2023
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September 8, 2023


By Fr. Paul John Kalchik, Church Militant, September 7, 2023

On the afternoon of Sept. 19, 1846, Our Blessed Mother appeared to the young shepherds Maximin Giraud, age 11, and Mélanie Calvat, age 14, on a mountainside in La Salette in southeast France. Unlike other apparitions of the Blessed Mother in times past, Our Lady appeared to these children in great distress, weeping bitterly.

She said, “Come to me, my children. Do not be afraid. I am here to tell something of the greatest importance.” She continued, “If my people will not obey, I shall be compelled to loose my Son’s arm. It is so heavy, so pressing that I can no longer restrain it. How long I have suffered for you! If my Son is not to cast you off, I am obliged to entreat Him without ceasing.” …

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