Padre Pio Was Known as a “Nerd” During Childhood

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By Philip Kosloski, Aleteia, 01/08/21

He was also viewed by childhood playmates as an “unsalted piece of macaroni.”

When thinking about the famous St. Padre Pio, the word “nerd,” doesn’t usually get used. However, that is exactly how is he was described by someone who knew him as a child.

In the biography Padre Pio: The True Story published by Our Sunday Visitor, the saint’s early childhood is described in colorful terms. It clearly shows how he began life as “a boy like any other.

This was revealed by those who knew him, particularly families who would interact with him on a daily basis. For example, as a child Padre Pio would play with children from neighboring farms. His childhood playmates remembered him fondly, but also thought of him as a regular boy. …