Parents Television Council (PTC): The ‘Sewer’ That is Hollywood

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By Bill Bumpas, OneNewsNow, November 13, 2017

A spokeswoman for a media watchdog group says the numerous sex scandals embroiling Hollywood point to how Tinsel Town’s unwholesome worldview has corrupted the culture.

While there’s a lot of attention focused on the Hollywood scandals, there’s an obvious question that is being virtually ignored, according to Melissa Henson of the Parents Television Council.

“Very few people seem to be pausing to ask the question: If this is the worldview of the people who are creating the entertainment content that our kids are consuming, how is this worldview being reflected in the entertainment products that they are creating?”

She writes that it’s long past time to “lift the lid off this sewer” and expose the level those worldviews have influenced the culture.

Henson tells OneNewsNow that content creators are usually flippant in their justification when they are confronted about the filthy content by groups like PTC.

Henson, Melissa (PTC)“But obviously what these scandals are revealing is it’s not a trivial thing and it cuts deep into our humanity and goes to really the core of who we are as individuals,” she offers. “So you can’t be dismissive about it, because it’s important to reflect on how these messages are affecting our kids.”

The PTC spokeswoman says it’s going to take a lot of public pressure to change the mindset that seems to be so deeply entrenched in certain parts of the entertainment industry.

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