Patriot Post: Honoring the Sanctity of Life

There is No Fear in Love, by Jennifer Gregory Miller
January 22, 2022
WATCH! Responding to Pro-Choice Arguments, by Jackie Angel
January 22, 2022

By Patriot Post, January 22, 2022

January 22 marks the anniversary of the two most tragic Supreme Court decisions in American history, Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton. (Pro-lifers around the nation observe Sanctity of Life Sunday this weekend.) Those decisions sparked a contentious debate between those who would deny legal protection for babies in the womb and those who rightly acknowledge that those babies constitute “life” as understood throughout history and affirmed in our Declaration of Independence. Tragically, that right has been denied to 60 million pre-birth babies sacrificed on the altar of “choice” since 1973.

Though this issue will never be resolved until the yearly number of abortions is zero, there are encouraging prospects to note as we consider the sanctity of human life. And every life saved is a victory.

The Supreme Court has heard arguments and will issue a ruling soon in the most important abortion case in a generation — a case that could undo Roe. And the Court has permitted continued enforcement of Texas’s latest abortion law as the Court weighs the case. …

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