Pelosi: Griner and HER Wife Can Celebrate the Holidays Without Worrying If Their Marriage Is Protected, by Susan Jones

‘Letter to the American Church’, by Nicholas Wylie
December 8, 2022
Senate Democrats Introduce Bill to Force Americans to Fund Abortion Travel, by Micaiah Bilger 
December 9, 2022

By Susan Jones, CNSNews, Dec. 9, 2022

( – House Speaker Nancy Pelosi proclaimed Thursday to be a “glorious day here in the House.”

“I mean, the joy, the pride, the euphoria that we feel today, having passed ‘The Respect for Marriage Act,’ a landmark decision, landmark law, changing the law for full equality,” she effused. “Now the federal government will never stand in the way of anyone marrying the person you love.”

Pelosi was among those noting the perfect timing of the bill’s passage on Thursday — the same day that lesbian WNBA star Brittney Griner was heading home to her wife, after President Joe Biden struck a deal to free her in exchange for a notorious arms dealer known as “the merchant of death.” …

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