Pfizer Predicts Record Profits From COVID Products, Says Chances ‘Very High’ FDA Will Authorize Vaccine for Babies and Toddlers, by David Charbonneau, by David Charbonneau

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February 10, 2022
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Pfizer announced Tuesday projected combined sales of its COVID vaccine and antiviral drug Paxlovid should top $54 billion in 2022, but the company’s stock dropped sharply today.


David Charbonneau, Ph.D.'s avatarPfizer announced Tuesday projected combined sales of its COVID vaccine and antiviral drug Paxlovid should top $54 billion in 2022, constituting more than 50% of the company’s expected revenues of about $100 billion.

The drugmaker predicted slightly lower 2022 revenues ($32 billion) for the vaccine compared to 2021, but increased revenues ($22 billion) from Paxlovid, the company’s COVID-19 pill.

Pfizer stock today “dropped sharply after the company’s 2022 sales guidance appeared to fall short of expectations,” Barron’s reported. …

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