Praising the Masculine Virtues of St. Joseph as His Jubilee Draws to a Close, by Joseph Pronechen

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December 7, 2021
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How Some Men Have Spent 12 Months Growing Closer to the Faithful Foster Father of Christ

By Joseph Pronechen, EWTN News, December 5, 2021

Joseph Pronechen Joseph Pronechen is staff writer with the National Catholic Register since 2005 and before that a regular correspondent for the paper. …

Joseph PronechenThe Year of St. Joseph comes to a close on Dec. 8, and these last 12 months have prompted people to grow closer to the head of the Holy Family and patron of the universal Church. The new and increasing devotion has especially had a profound effect on men.

“The Year of St. Joseph caused me to read and study and learn more about St. Joseph. It made me realize St. Joseph is our spiritual father,” Robert Tunmire, president and executive director of Catholic Men’s Leadership Alliance and co-founder of Heroic Men, related to the Register. “He is the role model for the man, whether married or single. St. Joseph was a just man, very humble. He followed God; protected Mary; protected Jesus. Joseph portrays what we all can be and should be as men. You can look at him from any angle and go, ‘Wow, that’s the model!’” …

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