Pro-Freedom Canadians Stand in Solidarity With Dutch Farmers Protesting Gov’t Fertilizer Policy

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Dutch farmers protest against climate regulations that could result in the closure of 30% of livestock farms.euronews / Screenshot

‘No fertilizers, No Farmers, No food,’ read one rally attendees’ sign.

By Jack Bingham, LifeSiteNews, Aug 4, 2022

WINNIPEG (LifeSiteNews) – While the event went mostly unreported, a large group of Canadians formed a convoy late last month in Winnipeg, Manitoba to voice their support for Dutch farmers currently protesting their government’s fertilizer reduction policies.

In a July 25 video posted to social media titled, “Underreported farmers protest held in solidarity with Dutch farmers,” hundreds of Canadians in cars, transport trucks, and agricultural machinery can be seen taking part in a convoy on a major highway in Winnipeg to show their support for farmers in the Netherlands …