Pro-Life Victories Hard-Fought in Lefty Land

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September 28, 2017
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September 28, 2017

By Charlie Butts,,  September 28, 2017

Pro-life victories are practically nonexistent in the California state legislature, so the battle to save the lives of preborn babies is in the hands of dedicated pro-life counselors.

On the other side of the issue, the California Senate passed a bill to sell a specialty license plate promoting abortion and providing funds for proponents of the termination of preborn babies. The bill, however, stalled in the Assembly.

Wynette Sills of Californians for Life tells OneNewsNow that during the course of that debate, it was suggested that, to be fair, a specialty plate promoting life should also be authorized.

“However,” Sills explains, “our state legislature [is] two-thirds’ super-majority pro-abortion – and [includes] aggressive, very aggressive pro-abortion Democrats here in California. And so while that reasonable request was proposed, it never received any traction or formal attention.”

CaliforniaNor has any other pro-life proposal.

Sills doesn’t see the likelihood in the near future that a pro-life license plate might be offered. She laments that “one-fifth of all abortions in the country occur right here in our state, and we have about 150 abortion businesses.”

She goes on to say that any real pro-life victories in California happen on the sidewalks at abortion clinics where pro-life counselors and prayer warriors stand outside trying to convince women to give their babies life and avoid the psychological scars of abortion for themselves.